sunnuntai 6. lokakuuta 2013

Phuket, part 3

Sad but true: It's over. Yesterday I had to leave Phuket and fly to Kuala Lumpur. I mean, I'm not complaining at all: KL seems to be really nice city (based on the experience I got from walking around the city centre and Chinatown today) but I'll miss Phuket and especially the students there. It was so nice to get to know them all and I really felt like being part of the group. That's of course thanks to the awesome guys who took me to their evenings, happenings and everything.

We even went to wakeboarding which was first for me :) It was great, one of the best experiences I have had during my stay in Asia! And then I hanged around with the students a lot in The Café which is a really good restaurant next to the campus area. Most of the students seemed to stop by there at least once a day so it was really easy to meet them just by sitting and working there, haha.

And yeah, that's one of the first things I saw every day when I woke as I actually stayed my whole time (minus two nights in Ko Phi Phi) in PSU Lodge which happens to be located (surprise, surprise) in the PSU (Prince of Songkla University) campus area. So it was a kind of easy for me to be part of the student life because I actually lived in the very same building where the students have most of their classes :) But yeah, I have to say one more time that the best part of staying in Phuket for one and a half week was the whole group that's staying there. So awesome guys and girls and I hope I'll see most of them again. I felt like I got many new (not just Facebook) friends from the trip.

Of course it was also nice to see how the semester began in Phuket. This week was the first real school week (as last week was the orientation) so now the semester has really began also in Phuket and it will continue until January. Sadly I hadn't had time to visit any courses or lessons but I heard many students that the courses seemed to be really interesting. Most of the guys were even excited when they were going to the school. Or that's at least how it seemed to me. Of course most of the students are never going to say they're excited about the school but I know the truth! So it's true that you can both study and enjoy your life in Phuket.

...And about enjoying the life: Phuket's a really great place for that. It reminds me a lot of Bali. Of course there's also many differences. One of the biggest being the fact that the rainy season ends in Phuket when it only starts in Bali. And because I guess they still have sunshine and dry days left in Bali, Phuket was experiencing some heavy rain especially this week. I didn't like that part of Phuket as much as everything else and I'm a little bit scared of how the rainy season will suit for me when it starts to rain in Bali. We'll see. But yeah, a lot of similarities between Bali and Phuket. I hope I'll have time to do some real comparison between the to islands at some point.

But that's all from Phuket for a little time. Tomorrow I'm going to visit one university here in Kuala Lumpur and on Tuesday I'm going to visit another one. So two busy days still left before I'm finally flying back to home in Bali. Next week I hope I have time to write at least a short report from KL and of course there's still going to be many articles and videos from Phuket which I hope I can post here next week. So this is not all from Phuket although I've already left the island.

Here's still some pictures from the campus area. There's even one picture from Friday morning when some of the students had a chance to test some new foods in the university. Seemed to be fun.

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