maanantai 21. lokakuuta 2013

Holiday Week! Part 2

As I already mentioned in my previous post, there's no school this week in Bali. Normally the midbreak would be only after the midterm tests but this year they did have to rearrange the schedule because there's Galungan in Bali this week. Galungan is one of the most important holidays in Bali and I'm going to write a little bit more about that later this week. Because of Galungan this week would've been anyway holiday so now the midbreak takes place one week earlier than normally. Maybe students can use this week to study before their exams ;)

I'm also going to write more about travelling in Indonesia (based as much on my own experiences as possible) this week but now I just wanted to publish the video that I've done after interviewing few of our current students here in Bali :) In the video they tell about their feelings about living in Bali and they also reveal their plans for holiday week so maybe you can get some inspiration from the video!

I'll be back later this week :)

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