torstai 31. lokakuuta 2013

Accommodation in Bali, Part 1

Hi! It's time to post few videos once again :) Before the holiday week I had an opportunity to meet both and Farah and Chris who are probably the two most popular estate agents among the students here in Bali. Farah and Chris are helping over 100 students per semester to find their dream housing in Bali.

The most usual way to live here is to share a villa with your friends. Villa is a very luxurious and huge building that normally includes some special services like a swimming pool and own staff. I've been living in a villa for the last two months and this is undoubtly the coolest place where I've ever lived and probably where I ever will.

I'm going to write more about living in Bali later. This time I just want to introduce Chris and Farah to you so that all the new students would know whom they should contact. I can recommend both of these great guys: they will find the best possible place for you :)

Chris's web site:
Farah's web site:

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