perjantai 18. lokakuuta 2013

Holiday Week!

Yeah, it's holiday time! This week was the last before the midbreak that's taking place next week. As I already mentioned in the earlier post, this school week was a little bit different compared to normal school weeks since there was no school on Monday or Tuesday because of Idul Adha. Hence the school week began on Wednesday and continued until Friday. Normally there's no school on Fridays in Bali.

During a normal school week there's only either a workshop or an excursion on Thursday but this time the workshop was held on Thursday afternoon after the classes had taken place. So it goes without saying that this week was a little bit more intense than a normal school week, but it was still pretty okay :)

After the midbreak there's going to be the midtest so understandably this week's lessions focused on the things that should be remembered in the test. Unfortunately once again I didn't have time (I've been really busy since coming back to Bali because of all kinds of practical arrangements) to take part of any other classes than just the ones that were focused on Indonesian language.

I couldn't skip those ones because I haven't been in Indonesian classes for three weeks so my (pretty poor) Indonesian language skill were already rusted. It was good choice to go to those classes because now I remember at least a little bit more Indonesian. I also learned few new words, like 'sekarang' (now). The only problem is that I don't remember any other time words (like tomorrow, weekdays etc.) so if I have to arrange a meeting in Indonesian, I have to have the meeting immedetiately.

But yeah, during this school week there was something even more fun than my shitty Indonesian skills. I'm of course speaking about the workshop that took place on Thursday afternoon. The workshops are always fun because they're focused on Indonesian and especially Balinese culture (there have already been a workshop of Balinese ornaments and Balinese clothing) but this time it was extra hilarious because the workshop was about traditional Balinese dancing :D So all guys and girls had to practise and learn a little bit Balinese dancing which may look a little bit silly. I have to respect all of the students that participated the class because they at least tried the basic moves.

Here's few pictures from the workshop. After the pictures there's also one video that I made with Heidi from Norway after our trip to Bali Art Centre last week. Heidi has been in the same place already few years ago so she had some pretty interesting points about the place. That's that this time! Have a nice weekend wherever you are! This weekend I'm probably going to visit southern Bali (Nusa Dua). And because next week is the holiday week, I'm going to write more about travelling in Indonesia then.


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