keskiviikko 2. lokakuuta 2013

Articles from Bangkok

Hey guys!

Although I'm actually staying in Phuket at this moment, I'd still like to make one more post about Bangkok. Don't worry, I'll post more material about Phuket still this week! You see, as I told you in my earlier posts, I visited both Siam University in the western Bangkok and Kasetsart University in the northern Bangkok.

During my visits I met many of Asia Exchange students and I also met interviews with Stephan (studying in Siam University) and Jens & Simon (studying in Kasetsart University). So now the articles that I made based on the interviews are ready and you can read them from the links above:

Stephan's semester in Siam University is almost over
Jens and Simon have enjoyed their studies in Kasetsart University

So that's all from Bangkok so far. I'll come back with some Phuket material soon :)

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