keskiviikko 18. joulukuuta 2013

Padang Padang Pictures

Today I added pictures from my time in here to my Bali Folder in Facebook. Check that folder out, it's probably the easiest way to find at least some of the pictures I've taken here. Of course there isn't all of the pictures (maybe I still have to add some pictures from the first week to Facebook because I seem to have forgotten that) but still that's the most organized form of my pictures so far. And there's still going to be more pictures in January, when the new semester begins!

When I was adding pictures to Facebook, I noticed that I didn't remember to post pictures of Padang-Padang Beach to this blog after we visited there. Padang-Padang is one of the most beautiful beaches here and it is located in the southern Bali in Uluwatu. Padang-Padang is quite small place but it's really cool and you have to go there through a cave. Because of Eat, Pray & Love movie, Padang-Padang is nowaday really popular among tourists but it wasn't that crowded at least when we visited there. Padang-Padang is also one of the best surfing places in Bali.

Later this week I'm going to write something about the closing ceremony (held today) and probably post a couple of videos.

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