maanantai 16. joulukuuta 2013

Charity Monday

The last school week (the exam week) of autumn semester 2013 began today. The closing ceremony will be held on Thursday but there's still a couple of days before that so don't rush there yet. I bet there's still a lot of things happening during the last week before the closing ceremony in the campus of Denpasar and before the evening party that night.

Normally I've posted articles on Mondays but this time I'm going to spare them for tomorrow and other longer posts also for the rest of this week. That's because I wanted to started this week with a short post about how awesome it was today to come to the university and see how excellently the charity campaign, organized by one of our students, has started.

One of our students, Jessie, has been volunteering in Seeds of Hope during the autumn semester. When the end of the semester came close, she got an awesome idea that our exchange students could donate extra clothes to the children's home. The truth is that almost every one of us has gotten too much stuff while staying here and can't bring all of them back to home. Throwing those clothes away would be the most stupid thing to do because those same clothes can be a great help to others. So, Jessie arranged a collection point to our university and students can bring their extra clothes there. There's still possibility to bring clothes to the university tomorrow, after that Jessie takes clothes to the children's home :)

All in all, this is extremely awesome thing and great thinking by Jessie. It was great to see that so many of our students had actually brought their extra clothes for the good measure. This is exactly the way things should work. 

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