maanantai 9. joulukuuta 2013

New Week, New Article

It's a new week once again. During the weekend we for example celebrated the Finnish Independence Day in Balinese style and went paintballing, both were great experiences. Still it's a little bit sad because the weekend was the second last that we're going to spend with this exchange student group: some of us are leaving Bali straight after the semester ends in 19th December so that they'll make it to home for Christmas. Of course some of the students are going to stay in Bali/Indonesia longer and some are going to explore Asia. It feels so weird that this school week is the last normal school week. Next week there's only exams and the closing ceremony in Thursday. New students are coming here only in a couple of weeks and luckily I have a chance to meet them all because by job here in Bali ends only in January. Still, I feel a little bit sad right now.

But let's still focus on the current semester. Because it's a new week, it's also time for a new article that I've written :) I interviewed Saara a couple of weeks ago. She is one of our many exchange students in Udayana University. Before arriving in Bali Saara had been traveling around Indonesia for a couple of months and she's going to continue traveling after the semester. After the semester new students also can contact Saara with their questions because she's going to be our new online ambassador.

Saara has enjoyed the exchange student time in Bali really much

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