tiistai 31. joulukuuta 2013

Happy New Year from Bali!

This blog has been quite quiet lately as I promosied in my previous posts. I've been spending my Christmas holiday before the new semester starts... And it actually does start already next Monday, crazy! It's really fun to meet all the new students :) Unfortunately I can't spend the whole semester with those guys because I have to go back to Finland already in the enf of January.

As you may remember, I promised in my earlier posts that I'm going to post a couple of articles about the last semester before Christmas but I wasn't able to do that because I've once again had a little bit problems with technology here in Bali. Luckily my computer should be working again this weekend so I'll try to post those articles before the new semester starts :)

I also try to write something about my Christmas holiday and especially about the places where I've been. I spent the previous week in Perth, Western Australia and it was really great place! I really recommend visiting Australia to all of Asia Exchange students in Bali/Phuket/Bangkok/etc. because the place is much more closer here than in Europe and it's really a worth visiting. Hopefully I'm writing more about Perth in the upcoming weeks.

And yes, today is the last day of this year. When I'm writing this, it's half past 4 here so there's only 7 and a half hours before the year changes in Bali. I'm spending my new year in Ubud which is located in the central Bali and is well-known as the cultural centre of this island. I hope there's going to be some really cool celebrations this night that I hopefully can share with you later :)

But yeah, that's all about my Christmas holiday and New Year so far. I'm going to be back with more pics and info about Perth and Ubud and New year in Bali but now I wish happy new year to all of you! Here's a couple of pictures from my holiday.

Christmas Eve in Cottesloe Beach in Perth
A wild kangaroo in Perth
Evening scenary in Perth
A happy elephant in Perth Zoo :)
A wild penguin in Penguin Beach in Perth
A monkey in the monkey forest in Ubud... Lots of animals in this post, huh.
The view of Ubud while bicycling there, yeah.

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