torstai 19. joulukuuta 2013

Closing Ceremony

During the last couple of weeks I've been already writing about the fact that the end of autumn semester is really near. Still only a couple of days ago I still thought that there's a lot of time before the closing ceremony will be upon us but now the time has come and actually already gone: the closing ceremony was held this morning. Most of the students are leaving Bali soon. It's really hard to understand all of this because it feels like the students would've just arrived in Bali. In overall this semester in Bali was an exteremely great experience and that mostly because the great students of this semester :)

So yeah, today the semester got as good ending as it deserved when the closing ceremony was held in Denpasar campus. One of the most memorable part of the closing ceremony was a great traditional dancing show in the beginning of the ceremony but maybe even better part was in the end of ceremony when the dancers came to the stage again and took some of the students to dance with them. Even I had to go the stage which was quite an interestin experience as I've never trained that traditional dancing like the students did in their workshop.

Besides of dancing shows there were also a lot of other programmes in the closing ceremony. For example the head of BIPAS program Made Rajeg held an speech in the beginning of the ceremony. Made Rajeg wasn't the only one to have a speech: also Saara and Jukka of our exchange students had amazing speeches. Also, the role model of this semester was declared in the closing ceremony. Johan was chosen as an role model student and I truly think that he deserved that :) After the ceremony was over, everybody said goodbyes to the university personnell: luckily most of the students will still meet of each other in tonight's party that we're having in Kuta.

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