tiistai 17. syyskuuta 2013

Traffic in Bali

I guess I've already mentioned the crazy Balinese traffic in a some side note in my first two blog posts. In the future I'll be writing a long story about the craziness of the local traffic but now I'll just tell few basic facts:

1) The Balinese traffic is left-hand.
2) The Balinese traffic seems to have no rules - but it still does! Or that's what my intern colleague Jana has told me even though there's just a very little logic that I've been able to notice. But I believe her and actually the traffic seems to have more and more logic every day. So maybe in few weeks I'll be able to write an article about the traffic so that the future exchange students know more about the Balinese traffic than just the craziness of it.

But anyway, the main point is that everyone must adjust to local traffic because everyone has to be part of it - in most cases they also have to be driving themselves. That's because the public transport here is really weak: no trains and very few buses. So the only good options are either taking a taxi or driving some vehicle by yourself. Almost every time the vehicle is a scooter because it's the easiest one to handle. I would never drive a car here. So there's really many scooters on the road and that causes problems sometimes.

But I'll write a longer text than this in the future. The main reason I wrote this post is because yesterday I got a Facebook message from Aleksi, who's a current exchange student here in Bali via Asia Exchange. He had already made an excellent video about the local traffic! As usual, the picture (or in this case the video) tells more than thousand words, so I don't have to write more about the traffic now, because this great video tells everything that's necessary to know at least now.

The Kerobokan Getaway Bali 2013 from Aleksi Laitinen on Vimeo.

So, really big thanks to Aleksi! This is also a great moment to remind all of you current exchange students that you can send me some pictures or videos (e.g. from your weekend trips from Bali, Gili islands or anywhere else) if you want them to be published in my blog. And you other readers: if you want to know something specific, tell me! You can contact me in Facebook (Juuso AE) or with e-mail (juuso[at]asiaexchange.org).

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