tiistai 24. syyskuuta 2013

Bangkok, part 1

Hi guys!

I arrived in Bangkok on Sunday and tomorrow I already have to leave this awesome town! It's a little bit shame but on the other hand I'm next flying to Phuket so that's not a bad choice either :) Especially I'm waiting to meet all new AE students in Phuket: their semester has only just begun!

But there are also great students here in Bangkok and luckily I got chance to meet some of them during last two days. One of them is Stephan from Germany. He studies in Siam university and his time as an exchange student here in Bangkok is actually almost over: there's only two weeks left of his semester. Yesterday I made a video interview with Stephan. In the video he tells his feelings about the whole semester. Stephan's a great guy, it was really nice to meet him!

So, yeah this was just a quick post to show you the video I made with Stephan. Also I wanted to tell you that I've really enjoyed my time in this huge (and extremely humid) city :) This is really differenr compared to Bali but mstly just in a good way. Hopefully I'm going to write more about Bangkok during next few days!

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