keskiviikko 25. syyskuuta 2013

Bangkok, part 2

At this moment I'm sitting in the Don Mueang airport in Bangkok and waiting for the departure of my next flight which is going to happen pretty soon. I guess this is what my life's going to be for the next two weeks. Every time I begin to feel a little bit like home in some place, I already have to leave for the next location. I also kind of miss Bali and especially all great guys that I have had chance to get to know. But at the same time I really like this part where I see new places and new people every day. So, life is good in overall.

But this post is supposed to be about Bangkok instead of my feelings. Unfortunately I don't have too much time so I just want to show you some pictures I've taken in the two universities I visited on Monday and Tuesday.

First I visited Siam University which is located in the western Bangkok. On Tuesday I went to Kasetsart University which is located in the northern Bangkok actually a kind of near to this airport in which I'm sitting now. Both universities were really great and especially modern places. They have great facilities and everything student needs (and maybe even more): sports fields, gyms, restaurants, ATM's, posts, stores... Kasetsart University is so huge that it actually has own bus service there. I also met some of Asia Exchange students both in Siam University and Kasetsart University. It was great to hear about student's experiences - especially because most of them were really happu about their studies and life in Bangkok in general.

So that's about the universities in Bangkok :) I hope that at some point I can write a little bit more about Bangkok (I'll probably do some recap post about all of the citiies I've visited after I come back to Bali) and post some pictures of Bangkok. Here's pictures from the universities. First from Siam:

And then some from Kasetsart:

So yeah, next post is going to be from Phuket!

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