torstai 12. syyskuuta 2013

The first weekend and the week after that

As I said in my previous post, there was a huge ice-breaking party for new students after the first week of Autumn semester. Actually the whole ice-breaking happening lasted two days: the first party was on Friday night and the second one on Saturday night. Between those two parties there was also a special surf lesson for our students in Saturday morning. All in all, the weekend was full of action, meeting new people and maybe also drinking few Bintangs (which is the famous local beer).

I think that most of our current students agree with me that the parties were well-deserved and greatly needed. The first week was really busy and also a kind of stressfull so it was extremely nice that for two nights we could just relax and enjou good music, company, food and drink. At the same time everybody could forgot their culture shocks and other little problems that they had had during first days in a completely new place.

Friday's party was held in Wingdome, located in Kuta, which is the biggest party (and also beach) area in Bali. The place was really nice: in the upstairs there was a big outdoor area where you could sit and enjoy the great view of dark Kuta area. Me and many others also liked Wingdome because on Friday they had a special offer: Bintang (the local beer I already mentioned) costed only 6 000 Rupias, ergo approximately 0,40 Euros. The offer was so popular that Wingdome ran out of beer during that night.

Besides the speciality of the place was very hot wings. Few of our students accepted a challenge where you had to eat extremely hot wings in a short time. Two of them succeeded but the feeling that came afterwards may not have been worth it (or then it was, maybe I'm just so sissy that I can't understand that kind of glory). After the beer had ran out and the wings were eaten, parties continued in many bars in Kuta. Most of us went to some of the Kuta's most popular places like Alley Cats, Engine Room or even Skygarden. 

So, Friday's party didn't end early but still 15 of our students were in Kuta Beach already on Saturday morning, when the surf lesson was held. The lesson was held by Pro Surf School that has been chosen the best surf school in Bali for three times. Bali's one of the best surfing places in world so you really should try surfing even though you wouldn't have done it ever before. Even I tried it this week and it was so much fun! I have to go surfing again next week.

The main event of the weekend was the pool party in Pro Surf School's Beach Lounge and it started on 5PM. The place was unbelievable. There were a huge swimming pool and you could jump into it from the second floor (the drop was maybe 3 metres). I guess I don't even have to tell that many of us made some crazy jumps during that nights. However, the pool wasn't only thing there. The place was huge, there was a great dj and cool lights. The feeling was like straight from some American movie.

So, in overall I would say the weekend was great. There's no better way to start new semester like a good party or even two :)

Also I should say that the second week in the university has went well. It's also not so stressful any more because the routines have started and there's not so many problems with practical arrangements any more. Also the courses have began properly. I still haven't had time to visit other courses than Bahasa Indonesian but those lessons have been really interesting and rewarding, as I already told last time. It's so nice to really learn something new every time.

Also this weeks has been a good time for students to plan some own activities, because there was no excursion or workshop on Thursday so the students had a really long weekend. There was a bonfire on Wednesday evening near to Uluwatu and also many students are planning their first trips to somewhere in Bali or even other islands. I'm going to see the Gili islands but it'd be nice to hear from your weekend trips!

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