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The third week in Bali

Hi guys!

It feels like it was just yesterday when I arrived in Bali but actually I've been living in the paradise island almost for a month! And after I've said that, it's good to note that I'm leaving Bali for over two weeks only days after I've learned to think my villa as my new home. Still I can't be bitter at all because next two weeks are going to be at least as interesting than my first weeks in Bali have been.

You see: I'm visiting Bangkok, Phuket and Kuala Lumpur because there's Asia Exchange's exchange students in all those locations. So for the next two and a half weeks this blog actually isn't going to about the student life in Bali because it's a little bit difficult to write about it when I'm not here. As compensation I try to write few short updates about the student life in Bangkok, Phuket and Kuala Lumpur during next weeks :) After that I'm flying back to Bali and then I'm reporting only about the student life in Bali until the autumn semester ends in December.

But the end of semester is not an actual topic yet. There's still lots of great experiences ahead both in the university and outside of it. One of them is coming already on this Sunday: Snoop Lion himself is playing in Seminyak in the beach party! I'm really excited about going to Bangkok but I'm still a little bit sad about the fact that I'm sitting on the plane when Snoop Dogg would be playing really near to my place. I hope many of you (who are now in Bali) are going to see that show :)

That's all about the future: I'm also supposed to write something about this week in the university. The beginning of the week (from Monday till Wednesday) was already pretty normal. It's a kind of funny to see how quickly everyone has adopted to the everyday life in Balinese university which has to be at least a little bit different than own school in the home country. Although I have to say from my own experience that the lessons I've been able to attend have been really similar compared to the Finnish university's lessons. Especially the Business law lesson reminded me really much of the Finnish ones. Bahasa Indonesia lessons on the other hand are pretty much shame than any other language lessons. I've enjoyed the Bahasa lessons a lot because it's so rewarding to learn more and more every time. Now I can already communicate with people in the restaurants and stores in Indonesian :) Or at least I can try to do that.

The most interesting moment of this school week was on Thursday, when Asia Exchange's students had their first workshop. For the most of the school weeks our students are going to have either a workshop or an excursion on Thursdays. Most of the workshops and excursions are about local culture but some may also deal business etc. I think the workshops and the excursions are really interesting part of the studies because there's no way you could otherwise get so good chance to get to know new things about local culture. In the first workshop the students made some nice palm leave ornaments with the help of the local students. The ornaments are used in Bali for example for decoration.

So that's everything about this week in Bali! ...Or actually not completely everything because there was of course more than just studying also in this week. Especially on Thursday there were some good full moon beach parties to complete this school week. And now it's a weekend again! Tomorrow I'm going to see the northern Bali before I leave this island for two weeks. What plans do you have for the weekend? Are you going to Snoop Lion's show?

There's some pictures from Udayana University's campus area in Jimbaran and some from Thursday's workshop:

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