torstai 16. tammikuuta 2014

The First Workshop of the New Semester

This week has been quite busy for new students. It has been the first official school week and Asia Exchange students have had all of their first lections during last couple of days. Because there was a public holiday on Tuesday, students have also lessons today on Thursday although normally there's only a workshop or an excursion on Thursday. This time the workshop was held already yesterday afternoon.

The workshop was about palm leave ornaments which are used both in ceremonies and as an decoration. I've written about them already earlier in this blog hence the palm leave ornament workshop was the first workshop of the previous semester also. That's why I'm not going repeat everything I've already said but I can conclude this time's workshop by saying that everyone seemed to have fun and everything went pretty well :) Palm leave ornaments are just one example of the spesific local culture here and students are going to learn a lot more about that culture.

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