lauantai 25. tammikuuta 2014

An Excursion to the Balinese Compound

This week has been quite quiet here in this blog but I have a good reason for that: this week was the week when I had to leave Bali. Yesterday (Friday) I had packed my baggage and had no other option than to take a taxi to an airport. From there my plane took off and landed in Hong Kong where I'm spending a weekend until I'm heading to Finland.

Right now I'm feeling quite sad: it was really a shame to leave Bali and especially the great group of new exchange students. Most of them already were like friendes to me so I'd have really wanted to spend the whole semester with them. On the other hand there's many great things waiting for me in Finland so the situation isn't that bad after all :) Returning to Finland means also that soon I'm no longer writing in this blog (because I have nothing to write about the student life in Bali). That moment isn't here yet because I have still a couple of posts to add here :)

Before those upcoming posts (which I'm trying to post here when I've returned to Finland) here's a couple of pictures from the last excursion I had to chance to be part of. This time we visited a Balinese compound and at least I think it was quite interesting to see these part of Balinese everyday life.

3 kommenttia:

  1. That was cool! It is also good to know other culture and learn about them. I hope you enjoy your excursion there. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Wow...Great Pictures!!!I think you guys are enjoyed a lot.Thanks for sharing and Keep Posting!


  3. Awesome...Beautiful Pictures...It's nice moments of students life.glad to read your post.Thanks for sharing.