keskiviikko 8. tammikuuta 2014

The First Days of New Semester In Pictures

This week's monday was the first school day for the students of the new semester here in Bali! The first two days have gone past extremely fast and they have been full of program. The students have gotten all kinds of practical information about their studies but they also have had time to get to know with each other and to visit the children's home Seeds of Hope which is one of the most amazing places here in Bali as I have said already many times in this blog.

So basically the structure of the first two days of the orientation week was pretty same as they were last time here in Bali. Only the students were different but I have to say that this group seems to be full of as awesome guys as there were in the previous semester :) It has been really nice to at least try to get to know with as many students as possible. I'm also pretty sure that there's going to be even better opportunities for that during the rest of this weeks because now the orientation week contunies with Beach Day on Thursday and the official Ice-Breaking Event on Friday! So there's going to be more material and more posts about the whole orientation week but now I just wanted to share some of the photos from the two first orientation days :)

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