torstai 14. marraskuuta 2013

Manuscript Workshop

The last couple of weeks have been different compared to the normal ones (last week there was the Islamic New Year, before that was the exam week and before that the mid term break). That's why there haven't been neither workshops nor excursions almost for one month. Luckily today the students finally had again chance to learn something new about the local culture when the workshop about Balinese manuscript was held in Denpasar campus. Besides of Asia Exchange students there were also a lot of local students attending to that workshop so our students once again had a great chance to get to know better with them.

Nowadays the Latin script is used in Bali as it is in many parts of the world so you don't have to study new alphabeths when you arrive here. This makes Indonesian language classes a lot easier because students don't have to spend the first students with learning the alphabethics. Still it's important to know that there has been and actually still is an own alphabet in the island of Bali. It's used when writing Balinese, which is different language than Indonesian. Actually almost every significant island in Indonesian has its own language but Indonesian is the language that practically everybody understands.

Some centuries ago the Balinese script was really used in Bali to produce text but nowadays the Latin script has replaced it practically entirely. Still Balinese script is taught in the local school and especially in the religional texts you may still see the Balinese script. So it's really important for our students, who are studying the local culture here, to know more about the local manuscript. During the workshop students also had a great chance to actually try to write something with the Balinese alphabet. The local students were helping exchange students as much as they could. Unfortunately the manuscript is pretty difficult and even writing your own name with that is pretty good performance. Still I think this lesson and workshop was light and good way to end this school week :)

The last couple of blog posts have been only about the studying here in Bali so I promise that next week there's going to be more lighter material about the overall life in Bali :)

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