keskiviikko 27. marraskuuta 2013

Internship Videos

This time I have two videos to post. They both have a lot of information about doing an internship in Bali. Besides of offering great opportunity of studying abroad, nowadays Asia Exchange also makes it possible to apply for an internship in Asia. There's many different opportunities of doing the internship in Bali. The first is the one that I'm doing myself right now: applying for an internship as an Asia Exchange representative for the semester. In the video I haven't interviewed myself. Instead of that I interviewed Jana, who is my intern colleague right now in Bali. The second option is to do your internship as a volunteer in the Seeds of Hope children's home. In the video I have interviewed Jutta who is working there at this moment. The third option is to apply for an internship place for example in a Balinese marketing field with the co-operation of Asia Exchange and an Balinese internship organization Bali Internships. In the video there's two current Bali Internships interns Jonas and Laura speaking about their experiences and in the other video the two persons behind Bali Internships (Laura Korwa and Carolin Vogel) tell more about the organization itself.

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