perjantai 28. helmikuuta 2014

The Last Article

Huh, I thought I had already posted the last article that I promised a long time ago. Apparantly there has been some problem with my blog and the already completed last post hasn't been published at all. Because I've been extremely busy during the last couple of weeks I noticed the situation just now. Well, luckily it still can be fixed :)

So yeah, it's now exactly one month since I arrived back in Finland. Although I love my home country, I really miss Bali almost every day. There's so many things that were part of my normal life in Bali that are now long gone. I can't go surfing and I can't drive with my scooter to university in a sunshine. But of course people are one thing that I miss the most - and hopefully I will meet those guys many times during next years :) I also hope that I'll be going back to Bali one day but that's completely different story.

Still, now it's finally time to leave the official goodbyes. There's not going to be more blog posts from me here after this. I have to move on to my new projects (as I've already done) and seriously settle in to my home town. Once more I want to thank everyone who's been reading my blog and helping to get the all material here :) It's been an amazing ride.

And yeah, here's the one article I was supposed to post a long long time ago. I hope it will give some kind of inspiration to some of you who're still planning the study abroad semester in South East Asia.


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