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Certification ceremony - the end of spring semester 2013

Feels just like yesterday when the students had their orientation days. Needless to say this 4 months have passed fast. This semester has been full of experiences, making new friends and learning about Asia and about oneself. All the things that you would expect from your study semester abroad. The last week of school was also the final exams week. Hard work was rewarded on Wednesday evening when everyone, the students, lectures  and the new just elected dean, gathered at the Denpasar campus for the certification ceremony.

The welcoming dance

For the ceremony students were asked to wear their traditional outfits, the same ones they bought during their first weeks of the semester. The ceremony, like every other official gathering started with a traditional welcoming dance, followed by a short speech from the BIPAS coordinator Pak Rajeg. This semester at the ceremony we also had a great opportunity to show the new dean how our program here at Udayana University is like. For the students the most anticipated part of the ceremony is obviously receiving the individual  certificates and the announcement of the AsiaExchange Role Model scholarship. 

This semester the AE Role Model scholarship went to Johannes Rofner from Austria. The Role Model is chosen together with the students, the host university and AsiaExchange. In his speech the message was clear "This has without a doubt been the best experience of my life". Inspired by his 4 months in Bali he also made a video that he showed at the ceremony 'causing laughs and awws in the audience.

Watch his video on youtube here: Studying in Bali by Johannes Rofner

AE Role Model student spring 2013, Johannes

After the formalities of the ceremony Udayana had organised a traditional balinese buffet for everyone to enjoy. Dining together and sharing memories was a nice way to conclude what the semester had to offer for both students and the staff at Unud. And also time to take some last minute photos.

Congratulations! Class of spring 2013

The ceremony behind it was time for the students to let their hair down and get ready to  party. Villa Uma Sari had invited everyone over for a get together before hitting the party scene in Kuta. The students had also invited fellow exchange students from the IBSN program to join the celebration. Villa quickly packed up with students from all different countries, new and already familiar faces, smiles, great vibes and of course bintangs! A perfect ending for an unforgettable semester here in Bali.

From somewhere you'd rather be ;)

Final greetings to you from our students this spring

"Best decision of my life!"
"What are you waiting for? Do it, do it now!"
"Everything I expected and so much more!"

Now are you ready for the experience of a lifetime..? :)

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