maanantai 4. helmikuuta 2013

The spring semester 2013 kick off!

The spring semester 2013 had a fresh start at the new campus in Jimbaran. Although not all the facilities are quite ready the program is running normally. The new location of the campus has all the different international students studying together in separate buildings.

Jimbaran campus
For the students the first month has been pretty hectic as they integrate them selves to the balinese lifestyle and living, figuring out in which villa they want to stay what colour scooter they want to ride and where can they catch the best waves. Arriving in Bali during the rain season can be a surprise to them who are expecting to see the sun and beautiful beaches. The island of gods can be gloomy and it's hard to do outdoor activities when it's pouring rain. Luckily this year the sun's been out all day most of the days and anyone interested has had the opportunity to try surfing and do some traveling after school or the days off from their studies.

sunset on Kuta beach
During orientation week the students visited The Seeds of Hope, an orphanage that is a part of AsiaExchange's charity programs. During the semester students will have other possibilities to visit other orphanages here in Bali. The ice breaking dinner and party at BeachLounge finished the orientation week and gave everyone a great chance to get to know each other more. The night was a success!

Ice breaking dinner and party at BeachLounge
Most of the students have already explored some of the island either renting a car or taking an organised tour. The most popular destinations have been the mountains Agung and Batur with the Gili islands that are all situated just a few hour drive or boat trip away. Yet there's so much more to see!

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